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Frequently asked questions


What are my benefits for buying Piter Pass?

Museums and excursions included in the program of visits are our partners. Calculating the cost of each visit to the museum and the proposed excursions, you save up to 70%. And also, different discounts and surprisess will waiting for you in restaurants, cafes, included in travel guide Piter Pass. Buying Piter Pass, you invest in the development of culture in our country!

In which languages is the guide available?

Our guide and the map contain the full description of tourist attractions in Russian. English and Italian. Our project is developing rapidly and soon will be available in other main languages of the world!

What are the main advantages of Piter Pass?

Buying a Piter Pass guide, you acquire an opportunity to visit more than 8 museums and galleries of St. Petersburg for free. You can ride a sightseeing bus, get unforgettable impressions during the best river sightseeing cruise, also you get tickets (round-trip) to get Peterhof by high-speed hydrofoils. Apart from getting a Piter Pass In the guide you would find detachable coupons attached that would give you an appreciable discount in restaurants and bars of St. Petersburg. One more advantage of Piter Pass is a folding map of the city with the locations of museums and other tourist attractions.


Can I return the guide Piter Pass?

Yes, you can return the card Piter Pass within 14 days since the day of its payment. When you return the card, the packaging can not be compromised. In case the packaging is damaged, the product is not refundable.

Unfortunately, I could not find the answer to my question. Who can I refer to?

Do not worry if you could not find the answer to your question. You can contact us any time and by the comfortable way for you. Write us an email to info@piterpass.com or phone us during the work time + 7 800 333 99 11. Our manager will consult you on all the arising questions.


From which moment my Piter Pass is active?

Validity of free access to museums and excursions starts with the activation of the guide. It does not happen from the moment of its purchase, it starts with the first pass in a museum or on a trip.

How could I use extra privileges or discounts of the Piter Pass guide?

If you decide to take advantage of discounts and privileges at one of the restaurants of St. Petersburg, read the list of establishments listed in our guide. Particularly these institutions are our partners and provide you discounts while visiting them. Before making the order, be sure to show your guide and the detachable coupon of the guide to the staff who serve you.

Can I reuse the Piter Pass guide after using it?

Piter Pass guide is valid for the period, but offers only a single visit for one person to a museum or an excursion.


How to order a Piter Pass card?

To make an order you have to follow next steps:
  • Choose your Piter Pass
  • Put it into a basket by clicking «Buy»
  • Fill all the fields
  • Make a payment
If you have any questions about checkout process you can always contact us via email: info@piterpass.con or by phone: +7 800 333 9911 on weekdays 10.00 - 19.00.

How can I pay for Piter Pass?

Payment through the website. Use the convenient shopping cart on our website. You can pay using the payment system PayPal or Robokassa.

How to pick up Piter Pass guide?

Buy Pass on site. Receive your Pass at Westpost office in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospect, 86. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9.30 - 20.00 PM. Office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Please have your Piter Pass voucher with you.


Where can I get a more detailed information about excursions and museums?

The main information about the museums that is included in the program Piter Pass, can be found on our site What's included. More detailed information and illustrations you can get in our guidebook or folding map Piter Pass Map.

Where can I see the schedule of the museum?

Museums’ schedule and phone of administration are set in the right of the chosen museum. Specify a museums’ schedule on holidays in advance.