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The Central Naval Museum, one of the most famous naval museums in the world, is located in the Krukov sea barracks at the intersection of Moyka river and Krukov canal. Its history dates back to 170 ...

Address: Sq. Truda, 5
Subway: Admiralteyskaya (5th line)
Phone: +7 812 303-85-13
Site: www.navalmuseum.ru

Central Naval Museum

Russian museum is the richest depository of Russian art in the world. The major exposition located in the building of Mikhailovsky Palace represents Russian art from X till XXI centuries: ...

Address: Inzhenernaya St, 4.
Subway: Nevskiy prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48
Site: www.rusmuseum.ru

Mikhailovsky Palace

The Fabergé Museum, located in the Shuvalov Palace, maintains the world’s largest collection of works by the House of Fabergé. Here you can enjoy not only jewelry masterpieces from the Im ...

Address: Fontanka River Emb., 21
Subway: Gostiny Dvor (line 3)
Phone: +7 812 333-26-55
Site: www.fabergemuseum.ru

Faberge Museum

Great Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov was born in this house in 1899. The house, described in all the details in his autobiography books The Other Shores and Speak, Memory ...

Address: Bolshaya Morskaya St., 47
Subway: Sadovaya (line 5), Sennaya (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 315-47-13
Site: nabokov.museums.spbu.ru

Nabokov Museum

Interactive scale model Petrovskaya Akvatoria tells the story of Saint-Petersburg’s foundation and the Russian navy origins and growth. The city looks like slightly different: there are no Ros ...

Address: Malaya Morskaya St., 4/1 (Shopping center Admirall, 6th floor)
Subway: Admiralteyskaya (line 5)
Phone: +7 812 933-41-52
Site: www.peteraqua.ru

Petrovskaya Akvatoria Historical Theatrical Scale Model

The Samoilov Family Museum is the unique memorial apart- ment of drama actors in Saint- Petersburg. Since 1869 the owner of this three-storied private mansion has been Vasily Vasilyevich ...

Address: Stremyannaya St., 8 (inside the Nevsky Palace Hotel)
Subway: Mayakovskaya (line 3), Vladimirskaya (line 1), Dostoyevskaya (line 4)
Phone: +7 812 764-11-30
Site: www.theatremuseum.ru

Samoilov Family Museum

Rimsky-Korsakov’s apartment is a unique composer’s museum in St. Petersburg. Here Rimsky- Korsakov spent last 15 years of his life and composed 11 of 15 operas. Memorial part of the museu ...

Address: Zagorodny Ave., 28
Subway: Zvenigorodskaya (line 5), Vladimirskaya (line 1)
Phone: +7 812 713-32-08
Site: www.theatremuseum.ru

Rimsky-Korsakov Museum

The Chaliapin Memorial Apart- ment opened in 1975 is the first state museum of the great artist in Russia. In this house he spent his last years from 1914 till 1922 before leaving his homeland. Now ...

Address: Graftio St., 2B
Subway: Petrogradskaya (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 234-10-56
Site: www.theatremuseum.ru

Chaliapin Memorial Apartment

Sheremetev Palace built in 1750 is a unique historical monument and a rare sample of Saint-Petersburg manor house. The Palace exposition is divided into the three main sections: the history of ...

Address: Fontanka river Emb., 34
Subway: Gostiny Dvor (line 3)
Phone: +7 812 272-44-41
Site: www.theatremuseum.ru

Sheremetev Palace — Museum of Music

In the State Museum of Theatre and Music located on the Ostrovsky square and built by a renowned architect Carlo Rossi in the first half of the XIX century you may see the unique Theatre legen ...

Address: Ostrovsky Sq., 6
Subway: Gostiny Dvor (line 3), Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 571-21-95
Site: www.theatremuseum.ru

St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music Mend

The Marble Palace, created in 1768–1785 especially for the Catherine the Great favorite Grigory Orlov, in course of time turned to the royal residence. The major construction mate- rial of the ...

Address: Millionnaya St., 5/1
Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2), Gostiny Dvor (line 3)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48
Site: www.rusmuseum.ru

Marble Palace

The Stroganov Palace — one of the brightest samples of Rus- sian Baroque — was designed by the renowned and outstanding architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. For almost two centuries the palace ...

Address: Nevskiy Avenue, 17
Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48
Site: www.rusmuseum.ru

The Stroganov Palace

The Mikhailovsky Garden is a rare monument of landscape architecture dating back to the 18th century. Two different landscape styles — the formal (French) and natural (English) — are uniquely combi ...

Address: Inzhenernaya St., 4
Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48
Site: www.rusmuseum.ru

Mikhailovsky Garden

The Summer Garden is the earliest monument of St. Petersburg landscape architecture created by the order of Peter the Great in 1704. This park is famous for its unique collection of marble scu ...

Address: Dvortsovaya Emb., 2
Subway: Gostiny Dvor (line 3)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48
Site: http://www.rusmuseum.ru/

Summer Garden

The House of Peter I is the oldest building in St. Petersburg and a unique monument of the city. It was built shortly after the founding of St. Petersburg at the place chosen by Peter the Grea ...

Address: Petrovskaya Embankment, 6
Subway: Gorkovskaya (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48
Site: www.rusmuseum.ru

House of Peter I

The Russian Museum of Ethnog- raphy is one of the largest European ethnographic museums.
Its collection includes unique artefacts representing cultural heritage of 157 ethnic groups. The maj ...

Address: Inzhenernaya St., 4/1
Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 570-53-20
Site: www.ethnomuseum.ru

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Address: Sadovaya St., 2
Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 595-42-48, 570-51-12
Site: www.rusmuseum.ru

St. Michael’s Castle

There is a time machine in the very heart of St. Petersburg, which can take you back to the 60s. When you’ll come here, you feel a real spirit of Soviet times. In the center of the city, in a ...

Address: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt (line 2)
Phone: +7 812 740-02-40
Site: www.15kop.ru

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines